Privat mentoring

First we want to know more about you. We start with an introduction interview to agree if you prefer to work with us individually or if you want to be a part of one of our mentoring groups.

How? To Meet people who pay attention to your thoughs

Individual Approach

We start with a profiling interview, a consultation which is for free.  After which you may wish to follow up by booking your personal Mentor. It is fine for you to engage with one or both of our specialized Mentors. (Refer to our price list).


Alternatively, you can join our Group Mentoring sessions. These 6-monthly groups will commence as soon as we as able to assemble the 6 matched participants. We conduct regular meetings every 14 days. The group meetings are for 2 hours. Conducted in person (when possible)with both moderators, Martin and Andreas.

Our weekend seminar

After the 6 months, you will receive an invitation to a special two day weekend event with the group. Meeting in the beautiful surrounding of nature and a cozy reconstructed farmhouse setting in Krkonoše in the Czech Republic.


what's next?

An active workshop program for the weekend, will be worked around enjoyable activities, shared cooking, conversations and walks. A variety of topics will be offered for an open format of discussion. Each participant has their own time to speak and to present their own topic for discussion. This offers the opportunity to formulate one’s own needs, desires and ideas. To express them to others, and to be heard.

At the completion of the first phase of work, we will conduct a session for your feedback. From here on, you may choose to continue to participate in an Open Group that will meet every 14 days.

Of course, you will always be welcomed to book individual meetings with us, the Mentors.