Andreas Fehrens

How I started?

After graduating from high school and commercial training in Hamburg, I started my working life straight away. My focus was on sales and marketing and since then made my professional career in various companies. In my last job as an export manager in a multinational Japanese electronics company, I was lucky enough to experience the upheaval in Eastern European countries firsthand. After which I decided to move into the Czech Republic.

In mid-life, I became self-employed. I achieved a radical change, quitting a well-paying job without any distress. Letting my dream of independence come true. Radical insofar as moving to the Czech Republic. To a country where I didn’t know the language and the people. I had suddenly found myself in a society which had to find itself after years of oppression by communism. After great difficulties initially, I managed to build a successful company with more than 60 employees in the field of AV media technology.

a bit of myself

About me

As a matter of fact, I am now well past my mid-life. In the mid-age period of my 40s I was very lucky to become the father of a girl and then three years later, a boy.  Both of them still allow me to participate actively and supportively in their lives today. Working with young people has long been an enjoyment of mine. I am still learning a lot from others, and I am happy when others accept the experience I share with pleasure.

My midlife challenges

Sometimes life has crises in store for you and then it is helpful to find people who are willing to mentally support and listen to you in such moments. But you can learn a lot about yourself in such a situation and find the strength you need to get through such phases. For me, it was the start of another career as a mediator, coach and communication trainer.

My real passion

My good and also the bad life experiences, are the basis for my current work as a certified mediator and trainer and I lead a content, balanced and yet exciting life. I have been working in my new role as a coach for several years now, but I am also still active with my own small sales company. The willingness to take the step towards change in my midlife, without any ifs and buts, was the right thing to do.  The task of supporting and helping people to achieve their goals as a mentor and coach gives me pleasure and is always motivating.

Martin Sebek


I am Martin, I was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1964. My parents emigrated to Sweden 1969 where I grew up. In 2005 I moved to US where I lived for seven years and after that I spent three years in The Netherlands. Since 2014 I’m now living in the Czech Republic.

Challenges, passion and energy are important for my work and I like when there are changes needed and challenges to overcome.

also a bit of my history

what I did?

I am an International leader with experience of working in retail, wholesale, logistic, distribution, supply chain, shared services, the energy industry and with management consulting. My roles have been regional/area manager, managing director, CEO, COO, business unit manager and entrepreneur. My employers have been Kuwait Petroleum, IKEA, LEGO, KVK and various consultancy firms.

I have significant experience in driving change and selling ideas/solutions, leading and motivating people in order to develop both staff and businesses. I am a reliable and straightforward person who builds professional and honest relationships around me.

my family

I have been divorced twice; my first marriage was for 25 years with my Swedish wife Anki with whom I have four grown up boys. My second marriage unfortunately lasted only a couple of years with my Czech wife; we have a seven-year-old son. There have been many challenges in my life but I have also moved on from these challenging situations enriched with many personal lessons and experiences of what to expect and wish for in a “happy” life.


I’m glad to support and team up with other aware mid-aged men who want more from life and are prepared to work for it and make the changes needed to reach higher levels of satisfaction and happiness in everyday life. In these workshops we will work together and support each other to fulfill our wishes for the future.


The meetings are always interesting and helpful. Great team and listening to the opinions of others makes sense. Both mentors do their job well. I can recommend them .
Martin Novak
Talking openly about my problems and fears was a bit difficult for me at the beginning. But I liked the open and friendly atmosphere right from the start. It's good to talk about topics with others and I was impressed that you can talk so openly about topics that are sensitive for you personally,
Markus Hermann
I always enjoy coming to the group and feel among friends. We discuss interesting topics and help each other. To work with Martin and Andreas give us all a lot. Highly recommended.
Mamun Hassan
restaurant owner
I found the idea of meeting in a group and exchanging ideas very interesting and, like the others, I have now been a member for more than two years. The important thing is that we let each other talk and everyone listens. Our two mentors Andreas and Martin do that really well. This regular exchange of experiences has become important for me and brings me a lot.
Alasdair Wates
Recruitment Consultant
I have to admit that at the beginning I was very skeptical about meeting with complete strangers and possibly even talking to them about my problems. But since I knew Andreas personally, I gave it a chance and today I am glad that I decided to do it. I met interesting people and can openly exchange ideas with them, get advice and suggestions or even give them. Great thing.
Thomas Höher
Both mentors do their job really well. I like being part of it and it's important for me to have an exchange with other people. We all come from very different professions, and it is very interesting to hear from each individual about their experiences in life. I always come away from these meetings with good ideas.
Martin Newham